Sunday, August 19, 2018

On A Summer Afternoon

Sittin' on the front porch on a summer afternoon,
In a straightback chair on two legs, leans against the wall.

-- Dolly Parton "My Tennessee Mountain Home"


    What do you do on a summer afternoon? It's been so hot lately I could hardly be bothered for anything other than a cold dip and an sundae cone. Still, my conscience smote me a little so I hauled myself off the chaise and did a little photoshoot in one of my recent acquisitions -- a pretty little chiffon shirt in a demure green and yellow floral print (one of my favourite finds really, despite being considered oldish by my mum LOL). Also, note to self : pears make nice photo props ; )

    炎炎夏日的午後大家都在做什麼呢?最近真是熱到我都不想動,只想泡個冷水澡、吃個聖代發呆 XD  不過最終我還是良心發現,結束在躺椅上的耍廢人生,起來拍一拍近期淘寶戰利品的穿搭。這件有點文青(?)風的印花襯衫真是這次淘寶包裹中的最愛之一,雖然被媽媽嫌棄花色略老氣 XDD  另外,梨真是拍照好道具啊~(所以照片特別多請見諒哈 : P

Shirt :  烏77家 (here
Skirt :  via
Heels :  Bata
Bag :  via

Bises! ♥♥


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