Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Swamp Queens and Fallen Leaves

    Finally had time to do some proper makeup photoshoot, so three cheers for that! Today's look was done using mainly the Tarte Swamp Queen palette which I purchased earlier this year at Sephora KLCC. Shortly after there was that rascist post controversy, but since I had already bought it there's really no other choice but to use it. And despite my misgivings about Tarte's handling of the situation, I must admit I really like the palette a lot. First things first though, let me warn you, there's serious powder kick-up issues with this product. You really have to be extra careful especially with the three contouring powders on the left, and as for the eyeshadows I usually just use my fingers for application simply to avoid the chore of having to clean up a glitter-choked palette afterwards.

    終於好好拍個妝容了(灑花)  今天主要是用這盤之前在吉隆坡Sephora入手的Tarte Swamp Queen眼彩修容盤。雖然過後發生了歧視事件,但都已經買了還是要物盡其用啦!撇開對品牌的不滿其實就產品本身來說我還是蠻愛這盤的。巴特!!!醜話說在前頭,它真的 很!飛!粉! 所以尤其是沾取左邊那三格需要用大刷的修容色時真的要特別小心,右邊眼影色平時不拍照不要求眼妝暈染精準的話我也都習慣直接用手指上,省去過後要收拾滿盤亮粉的時間 XDD  

    Well, I've always been an unabashed sucker for pretty packaging, which was the main reason I fell for this palette in the first place. It's quite indiscernible on the photo, but both the box and the palette itself are embossed with a pretty woodgrain texture with luxurious gold lettering. Inside you get a shiny gold surface housing the pans, a huge mirror and a bamboo-handled eyeshader brush. The pigmentation was mostly great, and application was smooth and buttery for the most part. Although I've just grumbled about the powder kick-up, thankfully at least it happens only in the pans, once it's applied on the eyes or face there's really no significant fallout that I can detect. As for the colour selection, I think this is quite a complete palette in that it has all these matte base shades and transition shades alongside the darker colours to help you complete an eye look using only one palette. The bronzer though, I'd say the shade is a bit tricky and too orange for fair or yellow skin tone. The blush is okay, but the pigmentation is insane so you'll definitely need a light hand with this. Oh, and the highlighter's gorgeous! That kind of intense Instagram-worthy highlighter that's blinding when the light hits it (of course, I think it could work for everyday looks too if applied with a light hand).  

    一直都是不折不扣的外貌協會,當初會入手這盤果然還是因為包裝 : P    雖然照片可能看不太出來,但是他的外殼跟外盒都做了立體仿木紋跟燙金的處理。打開後是亮瞎眼的金黃鏡面跟大鏡子,附帶一支木紋柄眼影刷。眼影跟修容大部分都非常顯色,上起來也相當滑順。雖然剛吐槽它很飛粉,但好在只是在眼影盤上比較嚴重,上到眼皮或臉上後就不太有粉亂飛這個困擾。顏色方面,這大概可以算是比較完整的色彩配置吧!就是有霧面打底色、過渡色、重點色,一盤可以完成整個眼妝的眼影盤。至於左邊修容的部分,我必須說最上面那個修容色真的太橘太顯色,不管對白肌或黃肌都容易顯髒,作為修容真的不好駕馭。中間腮紅我覺得沒有特別驚豔,是中規中矩的桃粉色,但是因為非常顯色下手真的要輕。至於最下面的打亮色我愛它,因為真的超囂張! 是非常高調的金黃打亮,上在臉上完全是國外美妝部落客放在IG上那種閃瞎人的妝效(當然下手輕一點我覺得還是可以日常使用的)。

Top row, left to right :

1. #SFS -- a peachy gold shade with fine golden shimmer, this can also be used as a highlighter. The glow it imparts on the cheekbones is subtle but gorgeous as if lit from within, but the shade might be a little too dark for fair skin to be used as a highlighter as it could appear dirty.

2. Natural Peaches -- a warm muted peach shade that is perfect as transition shade.

3. Dogman -- a rusty orange brown, for me the main attraction of this palette. Seems to have some very fine gold sparkles in the pan but applies matte on the skin. 

Middle row, left to right :

4. Big Baby -- a matte light beige, it's the ideal base shade with silky texture and smooth application.

5. Sassy Bun -- a gorgeous burnished gold shade with a shimmer finish.

6. Sippy Sippy -- a dark chocolate brown with sparse gold specks, the colour sheers out on the skin and application is a bit patchy.

Bottom row, left to right :

7. Haunting -- a warm nude with a hint of taupe, despite its fine shimmers it can work as a transition shade too. A cooler version of Natural Peaches. 

8. Uncommon -- a taupe brown with a shimmer finish.

9. Mancat -- a deep brownish plum with a matte finish, sheers out on the skin like Sippy Sippy but not as patchy. 


1. #SFS -- 蜜桃金色,有非常細的金色亮粉。也可以當成打亮使用,呈現的光澤比較低調內歛,用在黃肌或健康膚色上應該會超美,不過對白肌而言色號有點太暗可能會顯髒。

2. Natural Peaches -- 霧面的暖蜜桃色,非常適合當眼妝的過渡色。

3. Dogman -- 非常飽和的霧面鐵鏽橘棕色,在盤子裡看起來好像有零星的亮粉,但是上在眼皮上是霧面的妝感。


4. Big Baby -- 霧面淺米色,粉質綿密上起來滑順,是拿來當打底色的上選。

5. Sassy Bun -- 非常漂亮的暗金色,光澤感非常棒。

6. Sippy Sippy -- 深巧克力色,有零星的金色亮粉。看起來很深很濃郁但是上起來顏色會變稀透,需要多堆疊才會飽和但是容易擦得斑駁不均勻。


7. Haunting -- 帶有點灰褐調的霧面暖膚色,感覺就是沒那麼橘比較偏冷的Natural Peaches。一樣很適合當過渡色使用。

8. Uncommon -- 紫灰調的亮澤棕色。

9. Mancat -- 霧面暗紫棕色,跟Sippy Sippy一樣看子來顏色很深但實際上需要反覆堆疊才會飽和,不過比較不會像Sippy Sippy那樣容易上的不均勻。 

Top to bottom :

1. Sweet Tea -- a peachy brown with gold sparkles, a tad difficult to use as a contour shade for fair skin as it's really too warm and too much orange (but works unexpectedly well as an eyeshadow).

2. Does This Thing Really Work? -- a plum-pink with gold specks, very pigmented so a light hand is advisable when using this shade.

3. Gator Wings -- one of my favourites in this palette, this pale gold highlighter is simply blinding when the light hits it (you can see the effect in the finished look pics below).


1. Sweet Tea -- 帶零星亮粉的蜜桃棕色,對白肌來說這色有點太橘太暖,要作為修容有點難以駕馭(但是當眼影意外好用)。

2. Does This Thing Really Work? -- 帶金色亮粉的桃粉腮紅,非常非常顯色所以強烈建議下手要輕 XD

3. Gator Wings -- 這盤裡我最喜歡的色號之一,這個淺金色打亮被光打到時真的超美超閃!(這次妝容有用在鼻頭跟顴骨位置,全妝照可以看到它的打亮效果)

    An unsatisfactory swatch shot of the eyeshadows, it is really difficult to focus properly and catch the finish of the eyeshadows when operating a heavy DSLR on a self-timer. But I did take a better pic and videos with my iPhone, you can see those on my Instagram @bonjourjasmineblog (here) if interested. 

    不太理想的手部試色照片,因為是用單眼定時自拍,要好好對焦到可以看出眼影質地難度真的太高 orz  不過我有用手機拍了比較滿意的試色照片以及影片,有興趣的話可以到我的IG (這裡)看喔!

1. Use (a) as the base colour and apply over entire eyelid.
2. Apply (b) as the transition shade over the crease area.
3. Apply (c) over the area indicated above, building up the colour by layering and blending.
4. Give the look a golden shimmer by adding (d) over the center part of the eyelid.  
5. Mix (e) with (c) at the outer V of the eyelid and blend, layering on more colour to achieve the desired intensity.
6. Use (f) on the inner corner of the eye.
7. As for the lower lid, line the lashline with (c) and blend out to soften the harsh lines.
8. Complete the eye look with a winged eyeliner.

1. 用(a)打底,上在整個眼皮。
2. 以(b)為過渡色,打在圖中所示的眼摺範圍。
3. 將(c)疊擦在圖中所示的位置並且暈染開來。
4. 在眼皮中間範圍疊上(d),給眼妝加上金色亮澤感。
5. 將(e)疊在眼皮外V位置並且反覆疊擦暈染以達到理想的飽和度。
6. 眼頭用(f)打亮。
7. 同扁頭刷子沿著下眼線上(c),並且用小隻的暈染刷刷開避免色塊感。
8. 最後畫上上揚眼線完成眼妝。

    That's all this time, I guess. At last I've tried out that rusty orange-brown look (sometimes dubbed the Maple Leaf Look in Chinese) albeit perhaps a few seasons late. I've been wanting to get myself an earthy orange-toned palette for such a look, but pretty packaging being the my Achilles' heel I've been waiting for a palette that hits the right note for me from the appearance onwards. Although I felt that Swamp Queen was less discussed about among makeup aficionados than its other orange-toned palette counterparts, this is really a palette where you can easily pull off that fall leaf look with random combinations of the shades. Today I used Sweet Tea as the transition shade, Dogman on the crease and Sippy Sippy at the outer V and achieved a heavier version of the Maple Leaf Look ...the Dried Leaf Look perhaps? LOL  Anyway there're so many orange-toned palettes from various brands right now, and truth be told the colours and consistency of the powders in this palette are not that unique either, so if you're unhappy about the brand or the packaging or the shade selection I'm sure you can find a lot of other choices on the market. For me, purely on a performance viewpoint , I'm perfectly happy with this palette (other than that darned powder kick-up!).

    這次就這樣啦,總算也來嘗試了畫楓葉眼妝(雖然感覺晚了八百年 XD)  之前很想嘗試也很想買這種色系的眼影盤,但是外貌協會一直沒等到心動的橘色大地系盤。雖然Swamp Queen在版上有點冷門但是我必須說這盤真的是顏色隨便搭都能畫出楓葉妝 XDD  今天出去逛街也用了修容色Sweet Tea當過渡色、Dogman畫在眼摺、Sippy Sippy上在外V的組合畫了更加濃郁版的楓葉妝(...大概是枯葉妝了 XD)  當然這種色系最近其實很多品牌都在出,顏色質地也不是無可替代,不管是對品牌不滿還是對外觀、對價位、對顏色粉質不滿大概都可以在市場上找到別的選擇,但是就我個人而言這盤沼澤女王我是用得相當順手且滿意的啦(除了飛粉這件事 orz)。



  1. I'm in love with that palette <3

    cheer, michelle ~

    1. I love it too!! The packaging and the colour payoff are gorgeous <3333


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