Sunday, October 2, 2016

Rosy Eyes

Now you can have the girls with rosy cheeks,  
The ones that coo like turtle dove.

-- Ernest Tubb "Give Me a Little Old-fashioned Love"

    Not long ago I saw a makeup post entitled "Rose-coloured Girl" and for some reason the idea fascinated me a lot. I've done pink eye makeup before, but this time I was tempted to try a deeper rose shade, which I thought I have but really don't.

    記得不久前在美妝板看到一個「玫瑰色女孩」的標題,不知為何就對這個標題印象深刻以至躍躍欲試 XDD   其實之前也寫過粉色系眼妝的文,不過這次很想嘗試那種比較深的玫瑰粉色系 ... 然後一開始我以為我有這種顏色的眼影,結果找了一下並沒有 orz

    Being reluctant to add to my stash of rarely used eyeshadows, I decided to mix my own rose shade using the ZA Eyes Groovy 07 palette and the IN2IT Waterproof Eye Colour 03 palette. That said, the IN2IT palette is a curious one, the middle shade on the top row that looks like a warm brown actually translates into a burgundy red when swatched (the middle shade of the swatches above).

    因為實在不想再堆積一堆少用色系的眼影,於是決定用現成的眼影盤調出想要的深玫瑰色。這次用了 ZA時尚派對眼影盤07 跟 IN2IT防水眼影盤03(這個是泰國平價彩妝品牌,台灣好像沒進我就直接照英文名翻了 : P)  是說IN2IT這盤眼影真的超微妙的,上排中間那個看似暖調棕色的眼影擦起來是不折不扣的酒紅色(上圖紙上試色的中間色)。

    These are the shades that were used this time. I mixed the colours C and D to get the rose shade I want. On the other hand, shade B is a warm pink which you can see leftmost on the paper swatch above, and shade A on the far right is a very light beige that is utterly convenient for highlighting and base (as evidenced by hitting the pan LOL).

    這些是這次使用到的顏色。我用了C加上D來調出這次登場的玫瑰粉色。另外色號B其實就是個暖粉色(紙上試色的最左邊),而紙上試色最右邊的色號A則是超淺的米色,拿來眼頭打亮或是眼皮打底都非常好用(看看那坑 XDD)。

    1. Apply A over the upper eyelids encompassing the area shown in the picture above.
    2. Apply B from the outer corner of the eyes working inwards, until about 2/3 of the eyes.
    3. Reapply A over the inner 1/3 of the eyes, blending between the 2 colours.
    4. Mix C and D and apply over outer 1/3 of the eyes, extending about 4mm beyond the outer corners.
    5. Dab on C+D over crease line with a tapered brush to emphasize the creases.
    6. Apply black eyeliner, winging it at the end about 2mm beyond the outer corners.
    7. For the lower eyelids, apply C+D over the outer 1/3 of the eyes.
    8. Use A+D over the inner corners and blend between the colours.
    9. Curl lashes and apply mascara.

    1. 在上眼皮如圖所示的範圍中擦上A。
    2. 由外向內疊上B,範圍如圖大概是眼皮的外2/3左右。
    3. 從眼頭開始再次疊擦A,在A跟B的交界處用眼影刷或手指輕拍暈開。
    4. 混合C+D,疊擦在眼皮的外1/3範圍,並且延伸到眼角外約4mm左右。
    5. 在眼摺處用扁平刷疊擦C+D來強調眼窩。
    6. 畫上揚眼線,在眼尾處往外延伸約2mm。
    7. 下眼皮的部分,眼皮外1/3的範圍擦上C+D。
    8. 混合A+D,作為眼頭跟臥蠶的打亮,並且在跟C+D的交界處用眼影刷暈開。
    9. 夾睫毛﹑上睫毛膏就完成了。

    The key to this look I think would be the area of application for the rose shade. I tend to keep it within or near the crease because for Asian eyes when you blend it too far above the crease it would appear unbearably puffy. Emphasizing the crease line by dabbing on the deep rose shade also helps. Anyway, hope y'all enjoyed this rosy look, I'll be off to a full day on-call duty now so wish me luck it's a cold night today!  : )

    我想這個妝容的關鍵是掌握上玫瑰色的範圍。我大概都會儘量擦到眼摺附近或以內,畢竟對亞洲眼型來說,把粉色系或玫瑰色系暈得太高很容易顯得拋。在眼摺處疊擦深玫瑰色強調雙眼皮摺也有點幫助減少拋感。這次的玫瑰色妝容希望大家喜歡啦,現在要準備去上一整天的值班,祈禱今晚病人不要太多啊 >_< 

    As usual, I'm ending the post with a medley of Instagram pics ( @bonjourjasmineblog ), coincidentally I've been posting rosy-themed photos quite often lately it seems  ; )

    照例來個Instagram照片的拼圖當結尾(帳號 @bonjourjasmineblog),剛巧最近感覺也是po了不少玫瑰粉色系的IG照 XD



  1. the color looks beautiful <33

    -cheer, michelle ~


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