Sunday, March 29, 2015


I’m all alone now, check it out,
Me and you should take a vacay.

-- Martin Solveig with the Cataracs "Hey Now"


    Long-delayed photos from last year's seaside resort vacay. I was reluctant to edit these photos initially as my computer was heading into the sunset and those files were huge and I just got lazy (oh, the excuses!). Anyway, the aforementioned PC just went kaput last week, I reckoned I might as well post these recovered photos with my new computer before I totally forgot about them. I went to the resort just after summer, and the place was almost deserted it felt like a private beach. 

    拖了很久的去年海邊渡假的照片 :P  一開始很沒幹勁去整理這些照片,因為檔案多又大,電腦又秀逗,然後人又懶  XDD  不過上個禮拜電腦終於壽終正寢換了台新的,想著還是把這些還好有存到的照片整理發一下,免得以後忘在深深的磁碟海中找不回來。我是在暑假過後的淡季去的,人煙稀少的像是私人海灘一樣。

Green floral midi dress :  Zara
Metallic sandals :  Vincci
Grey earrings :  Cor-date
Blue floral dress :  Modcloth
White strap sandals :  Vincci
Blue maxi dress :  here
White strap sandals :  Vincci
Sunset scene dress :  Modcloth
Metallic sandals :  Vincci
Clutch :  Vincci
Filigree print dress :  BKK
Gold chain sandals :  Vincci
Clutch :  Vincci
Feather earrings :  Cor-date
White one-shoulder dress :  Jessica Wright (via ASOS)
Grey earrings :  Cor-date
Jewelled sandals :  Modcloth


  1. you look so pretty and lovelyy <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  2. Love all the dresses <3 And your shoes and earrings work so well with your outfit

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