Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Nothing positive can come out of this,
Said madame butterfly with her last kiss.

-- Kevin Ayers "Madame Butterfly"


    A very short piece today. I had trouble with focusing on lace details in bad lighting with a self-timer. I gave up for good after a few tries and these photos are all that I ended up with. Now burning with a desire to upgrade my rickety beginner's DSLR.

    今天有點詞窮 orz  這次匆匆忙忙拍照,用定時自拍在光線差的情況下拍蕾絲細節真是件作死的事(淚)。總之拍了一下我就放棄了,po上來的大概就是拍到的全部。於是現在燃起換相機的熊熊烈火,也是時候從我那有點秀逗了的初階單眼畢業了。

Top :  from Sheinside
Skirt :  Snidel
Shoes :  Grace Gift
Earrings :  Cor-date



  1. Love this ... beautiful as always! <33

  2. Your outfit and home are so beautiful!

    About the camera focusing - do you shoot in RAW? If so, is quite a powerful way and easy way to sharpen photos in Lightroom or Photoshop, better than working with JPEG files. I know how difficult it is to shoot self-portraits and such, which makes me shy away from but you though, you still do so regardless! It's not that much about the camera (and lens type) as it is about the person using the camera.

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