Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sea Dreams

Well come with me to a place by the sea,
If your ship breaks down, you can always find me.

-- The Dirty Heads "Cabin by the Sea"


    I've had a much needed hiatus this week, chillin' out at a seaside resort for a couple of days (if you've been following my IG @bonjourjasmineblog, you might have known from those epicurean shots). A rather secluded spot, it is exempt from the throngs of tourists that usually flood the beach during the summer. I felt like I was on some private property, enjoying the solitude of strolling along an unmanned seaside, listening to the song of the ebbing waves and taking in the salty sea spray without the pandemonium of holidaymakers. I guess a vacation sometimes need not be full of outgoing fun, it can also be a rare moment of reflection as you stop and smell the flowers.

    這週我終於找到一點時間來個小渡假,在一個偏僻的海邊渡假村過著吃喝睡的廢人生活(有在發摟我 IG @bonjourjasmineblog 的朋友大概從照片看出來了 XD)。因為地點偏僻,海邊少了熙熙攘攘的暑假旅客人群,顯得格外平靜。甚至有種身處私人海灘的錯覺,傾聽浪花拍岸,呼吸海風汐汐,享受著一個人漫步海灘的悠閒。我想,渡假不一定總需要熱鬧刺激,它也可以是旅途累了,停下腳步沉澱靜思的美麗時光  :)

Dress :  here
Sandals :  Vincci
Bracelet :  Cindy


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