Saturday, June 7, 2014

A is for Americana

Get out on the street
Cos’ if you don’t, you’ll hear a different beat.

-- Laibach "Americana"


    Well, today I'm all decked out in (almost) colours of the Star-Spangled Banner, if you ignore the grey. This lettered knit top from Pazzo makes me feel collegiate, even though, sadly, those days were far behind me. After being on duty for two days in a row, I decided to just cosy up in the kitchen for the photoshoot, and to fall down on the couch right after for a long, long siesta!

    今天的穿搭幾乎算是美國國旗色啦 ... 如果忽略掉大片的灰色的話 XDD  這件來自Pazzo的字母針織上衣其實讓我有種回到大學生時代的感覺,雖然那些日子已經裡我很遠了 T_T  經過連兩天不平靜又累死人的值班,我決定好好躲在廚房裡拍穿搭 ... 然後直接栽進客廳的沙發裡瘋狂補眠!!! >皿<

Top :
Skirt :  thrifted
Shoes :  H&M



  1. Your outfit is really cool! I love your shoes, I got them in blue but I regret for not buying them in silver as well.

    1. Haha, I know! I was struggling between the midnight blue and silver too ; )

  2. pretty pictures~ love the top :D

    cheer, michelle


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