Friday, November 2, 2012

Cute Things

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    Seriously, how cute is this?! Super Mario and Darth Vader taking the subway, queuing no less!! Sorry for the lack of posts this week, though. I planned to do a cat-themed post but my cat tights were missing, assumed lost in the mail  :'(
    Anyway I am going to post something else this weekend (hopefully it doesn't rain again), just want to mention a bit about the Buyer's Pick sale at Romwe, which starts from 2nd Nov - 8th Nov here.
    There are actually some really nice things in the selection. As I am still not over my gold fever yet, here are some of my (bling-bling) favourites :
Floral Lace Collared Dress
Open-front Ribbed Cardigan
Rectangle Block Gold Necklace
Metallic Pleated Cream Skirt
Paillette Shift Dress

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