Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I cannot wait for skies of blue,
Or dream so long that life is through.
-- Don Besig "Flying Free"
    I adore cable knits unabashedly. I'm sure if I have a large enough wardrobe, I'd fill them with cable knits of all colours and makes. And then complain I do not have enough of them.
Jumper :  here
Skirt :  Lowrys Farm
Bag :  Jeanasis
Ring :  House of Harlow 1960


  1. Your outfit is gorgeous and perfect from head to toes!

    1. Thank you, dearie!! You're always so quick to reply, thank you soo much, hugs :D

  2. Jasmine, i adore the way you capture all photos *__*
    Now i'll face photography contest in 2 months or maybe less than that. Can you tell me what camera do you use and what photo editor you use?
    I have no idea how to make photo a bit blurry and perfect like you do :( could you please help me by answering those question dear Jasmine?
    i'm looking for your answer, hopefully i will win the photography contest. i<3u

    1. I'm using Canon 500D and Photoscape for my photos.

      The blurry part depends on the setting of your lens, the larger you set the aperture, the more blurry the background becomes.

      Hope this helps! Good luck in your contest :-)

  3. Will surely helps :D you capture the photos by yourself (self-timer)?

    You're really talented at creating romantic and dramatic photos Jasmine! And your style is simply gorgeous and so romantic I can't even. <3

    Don't ever stop blogging no matter what Jasmine! You're an inspiration to me,Hobbit <3


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