Sunday, April 8, 2018

Summer Mood Eyes


Summer's here and we'll agree, by and by,
with the summer sunlight in our eyes.

-- Tammany Hall "Summer Song"

    Well, well, I've fallen for another Japanese magazine freebie, yet again (sigh). This time it's the 11th collaboration between Jelly magazine and Japanese fashion brand EMODA, consisting of a 10-shade eyeshadow palette, a lipstick and a lipgloss. Lately I've been feeling quite indifferent about these "furokus", but the shades in this palette are so summery and such a departure from the usual bland earth-toned offerings that I was sorely tempted (and the very existence of this post proved I finally caved in ...obviously LOL) 

    是的各位,我又被日雜彩妝贈品迷惑了。這次是Jelly雜誌跟日本潮牌EMODA的第11(?)次合作,贈品是10色眼影盤+唇膏+唇蜜的3set。原本已經覺得沒什麼贈品可以打動我了大概可以戒掉日雜了,但是天殺的這盤眼影的配色真是太夏天啦~~然後突然就心動了 XD 加上之前入手的也是JELLY贈品的EMODA多功能彩妝盤(這裡)其實還不錯用,基於好奇我還是不爭氣的下單了(*´艸`*)

    Let's start with the eyeshadow palette then, shall we? Of course what drew me in in the first place was the shade selection, you could do colour-blocking or just an everyday brown-toned look with this palette. It also comes equipped with a mirror (a rarity for furokus) and a double-ended brush with a sponge applicator on one end and an angled liner brush on the other. Truth be told however, a freebie by any another name is still a low-cost freebie, the case feels really plastic (well, it is plastic) and the mirror looks as though it was attached to the case with an indifferent glue gun. The colour payoff of the eyeshadows are really not that great either, and there's a little powder fallout issue too. If you're going for positivity I'd say the colours are actually buildable and easy to use, but if you're accustomed to the pigmentation of cult brands like Tarte or KVD this might test your patience ^^"  Below is a swatch of the shades, unfortunately there's a little focus issue as I'm using a self-timer here with a DSLR, and it's a bit difficult to catch the slightly duochrome effects of some of the shadows, so I'll post the swatch video in a short while to my Instagram (@bonjourjasmineblog), you can see the swatches in clearer view there if you're interested.
    先來說說眼影盤吧!配色完勝許多日雜贈品的萬年安全牌大地色系彩妝,可以玩跳色眼妝也可以打造一般日常的大地色look。眼影盤附有鏡子跟一支有海棉棒跟斜角刷的雙頭刷具,but贈品始終是贈品,包裝其實頗簡陋(鏡子感覺是用熱融膠黏在盒蓋上的),眼影本身也略飛粉而且不太顯色。往好處想很清淡可以慢慢堆疊不易失手,但是用過歐美牌的大概會上的很不耐煩 (>_<)  下面手臂試色抱歉因為是單眼自拍可能有點失焦,也拍不太出來一些珠光色的光澤感,我晚點會上傳試色影片到ig(帳號 bonjourjasmineblog),有興趣的話可以去看看啦 (^-^)/

From left to right (the shade names are direct translations from Japanese) : 

Eyeshadow Base - A pearl white shimmer base, which as a base I feel is mediocre, but it works surprisingly well as a highlighter. The base applies onto the skin smoothly, and does not overly accentuate pores. This has unexpectedly become my go-to highlighter lately (in the completed look below I used this shade as the highlight on the nose and cheekbones). 

Chrome Green - The shade that drew me in initially, for a freebie palette I was surprised to find a nice metallic finish to this shade despite its indifferent colour payoff. This might not be obvious in the photo, you can head over to my Instagram for the short swatch video for a clearer notion.

Saffron Yellow - Despite its name, I think this is more of a green-tinged yellow (a rather ambiguous description, I'll admit)

Pale Beige - A shimmer ivory beige shade, handy for brightening the lower lids.

Resort Orange - A golden orange which, apart from using it as an eyeshadow, I find quite pretty too when worn as a blush on fair skin (shown in the completed look below).

Blossom Peach - A peach gold with quite a handful of chunky glitter. Due to the light-reflecting nature of the glitter particles, it, to some degree, resembles water droplets reflecting light a little and gives the eyes sort of a wet look when worn on the lids.

Amber Brown - A golden brown glitter shade, and which according to the magazine is a brown that would suit any skin tone.

Pumpkin Brown - A matte pumpkin orange brown, this shade is a bit dry and the colour payoff is not that good so it needs to be layered on. Can be used as an brown-toned blush too.

Matte Brown - A grey-toned cool brown with a matte finish, according to the mag this shade can also be used as a brow powder. It's too light for me for that purpose, but it does work very well as a nose contouring shade (I mixed this shade with a little Pumpkin Brown for the nose contour in the completed look below).

Nuts Pearl Brown - The quintessential safe earth-toned shade, a cool-toned brown shimmer.

    In a nutshell, I think this palette is quite blah in terms of eyeshadow pigmentation (and speaking of this I highly recommend applying it with a wet applicator, it improves the colour payoff drastically), but it works surprisingly well in other faculties i.e. as a blush, highlighter or even as nose contour, so much so that it has replaced some of my higher end cosmetics as my go-to items lately (a short adios, for the moment, to my Fenty highlighter and contour stick LOL). 


Eyeshadow Base - 珠光白的眼影底膏,作為打底我是無感,但是拿來打亮完全讓我驚艷的自然好看。膏體滑順當打亮容易上手,并且不黏也不太會顯毛孔。結果最近日常打亮都換用這個了。(下面妝容用的就是這色當打亮)

Chrome Green - 當初最吸引我的一色,雖然也是不太顯色需要疊擦,但是意外的以一個日雜贈品來說這色的金屬光澤效果還滿美的,不過照片看不太出來。

Saffron Yellow - 日文直譯是姜黃,但實際上是帶點草綠的淺黃珠光色(好難形容 orz

Pale Beige - 珠光淺米白,適合用來打亮臥蠶。

Resort Orange - 帶點偏光的橘金色,除了拿來當眼影之外,白肌拿來當腮紅也是相當好看。(下面妝容有用這色當腮紅)

Blossom Peach - 亮片有點大顆的蜜桃金,因為大亮片反射光的效果,其實蠻適合用來打造濕潤感的眼妝,會有點水光粼粼的錯覺。

Amber Brown - 一樣是亮片偏大的金棕色,看雜誌說是任何膚色都適用的金屬棕(但這色我還沒用 : P)。

Pumpkin Brown - 南瓜橘棕色,霧面質地,略乾需疊擦,可以當土色腮紅使用。

Matte Brown - 霧面帶灰的冷調棕色,雜誌上是說除了當眼影也可以當眉粉,但是對我來說太淺了不好用。倒是非常適合當鼻影(下面妝容使用這色混一點點隔壁的南瓜棕當鼻影)

Nuts Pearl Brown - 就安全的必備大地色,偏冷的珠光棕色。

    總而言之這盤給我的感覺是,非常清淡須疊擦(強烈建議用眼影棒濕擦,手指乾擦基本悲劇orz),作為眼影是滿雞肋的,但是其他功能比如打亮、腮紅、鼻影意外的好,好到最近取代了我其他更高價的彩妝品成為日常妝容的常駐成員(暫時再見了Fenty的打亮棒跟修容棒XDDD ( ̄▽ ̄)

    Apply (1) all over the lids. Then apply (7) over the area within the crease and blend the edges. Next, layer on (5) at the outer 1/3 of the lid. Dab a little (6) in the center for a slightly wet look. Wet the included eyeliner brush, swipe (2) along the upper eyelid and extend outwards around 5mm. For the lower lids, I simply apply (4) on the inner 2/3 of the eyes. 


    For the lips I used the freebie lipstick in Blossom Peach (I didn't use the lip gloss though). The shade, a bright coral orange, is quite flattering with good pigmentation and coverage.Though it does not alleviate lip lines, it does not make the lips look dry either.

    唇彩也是用這次贈品的唇膏(色號名 Blossom Peach,沒有用唇蜜)。唇膏是明亮的珊瑚橘色,發色度跟遮色力都不錯,顏色也相當討喜顯氣色。雖然不太遮唇紋,但也不會顯乾。

    Apart from the aforementioned eye and lip makeup, I also used (5) as a blush, (1) on the cheekbones and nose bridge as highlight and (8) + (9) as nose contour in the look below. You could almost say this is a single palette look, I guess : P

    下面妝容除了上述眼妝跟唇妝,有用(5)當腮紅、(1)當顴骨跟鼻樑打亮、(8)+(9)當鼻影。大概可以說是一盤完成的妝 XD

    Due to the excellent lighting conditions on this day, these photos did not require any correcting filters or even adjustment of brightness and contrast. They are taken under natural light by the window. And also because of the excellent lighting conditions, I think I got a little carried away shooting, hope you don't mind LOL.

    因為這天光線超好這次的照片都沒有加濾鏡也沒有調亮度或對比,都是在室內窗邊自然光下拍的。然後也因為這次光線超好所以拍多了請見諒 XD  

*     *     *

    As usual my Instagram medley, pink for spring? Groundbreaking. (in Meryl Streep's dripping-with-acid tone)


Bises! ♥♥

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