Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Seeing Stars

Seeing stars but I'm not dreaming,
Sinking in this empty feeling.

-- Army of Freshmen "Talk of the Town"


    It's probably been a millenia since I last did an outfit post. In this timespan fall and winter has come and gone, blossoms have unfurled overnight (like they always do as if upon an enchantment -- where have all the buds gone??) atop luxuriant spring foliage and a pastel obsession seemed to have kicked in in regards to the sartorial choices of random pedestrians (yours truly included, of course). I have taken to wearing this light grey bomber jacket made of an almost suede-like material (exact nomenclature unknown) from Pazzo, pairing it with vibrants and pastels in turns, and occasionally draped over drab PJs when Sunday morning cravings demand a McBreakfast takeaway ; ) 

    For this look, I hasten to admit, it was a bit of an impromptu. The hair I just haphazardly threw on with the aid of my car rearview mirror, and it inevitably disintegrated into frizzy wisps as I hurtled to and fro the camera trying to make quick work of this roadside shoot. Despite that and the half-hearted effort at makeup, the delicious contrast of electric blue and pink still made my heart skip a beat, who knew an electric blue hue would be such a great match in spring!  : )

    大概有幾百年沒拍穿搭寫穿搭了吧!這段空白裡秋冬悄然走了,然後樹梢的花感覺就像有什麼魔法一樣突然就一起一夜盛開了,這種時候走在路上的行人在服裝上似乎也都不約而同的愛上春天的淺色調(當然我也是 XD)。最近喜歡穿的是這件淺灰色的Pazzo飛行外套,材質是太空棉(但摸起來有點像麂皮),有時搭鮮豔色有時搭粉彩色,甚至偶爾在周末早晨肚子餓時會直接套在居家服上出門買麥當勞早餐  : P

    話說這天拍攝其實有點即興。頭髮是在車裡靠著車子的後視鏡手忙腳亂的夾起來的,然後在我來回調定時自拍時它就不可避免的崩塌成一團亂了 XDD  不過即使如此,看到電藍跟嫩粉的對比還是覺得蠻喜歡這次的照片的,大概因為沒有料到那麼濃郁艷麗的電藍色也是可以有春天的一面的吧  : )

Bomber jacket and top :  Pazzo
Skirt :  Belle.Perle
Shoes :  Grace Gift
Earrings :  Cor-date (here)



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