Sunday, December 11, 2016

Caffè Mocha

Her lips are devil red and her skin's the color mocha,
She will wear you out, livin la vida loca!

-- Ricky Martin "Livin' la Vida Loca"


    It's been awhile since I posted an everyday outfit. Granted, this was taken quite some time ago, on a warm weekend morning with a cup of hot tea in hand. I bought these mocha-coloured pants from Pazzo earlier in the year, they are of a high-waisted retro cut that exude a vintage 50s cigarette pants chic, with flat fronts, side zippers and tapered pant legs. Unfortunately like cigarette pants, it is not too flattering on the side for wide-bottomed lasses like me. Nevertheless the rich colour and the retro cut are so much my cup of tea, these pants entered my dailywear rotation with alarming regularity. Here I paired them with an ochre chiffon top for an earth-toned outfit, alongside brown-toned lips that are all the rage this autumn. 

    感覺已很久有po日常穿搭了。不過要偷說這個也是幾週前個天氣暖和的周末早晨在自家廚房伴著一杯熱茶拍的穿搭(因為拖延症現在才來整理照片 orz )。這條摩啡色長褲則是更早以前Pazzo購入的。是高腰復古剪裁,有點50年代cigarette pants的俐感。前面是平坦的打摺設計,有口袋,拉鍊在側邊,下方褲管貼合,但是跟cigarette pants一樣,對於大屁人如我來說,側面並不是很修飾 (T__T)  不過因為顏色濃郁味十足加上這點復古風太對我的胃口,這條褲子入秋以來意外的常穿。這裡搭了超便宜的淘寶暗黃雪紡衫,企圖來個完全土色系穿搭,然後順便搭了現在最夯的土色唇希望大家不要嚇到 XDD

Top :
Pants :  Pazzo
Shoes :  Something Borrowed
Earrings :  Cor-date


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  1. Such a pretty outfit, you always look so elegant


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