Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Autumn Blues

My days are brighter than morning air,
Evergreen pine and autumn blue.
-- Ben "With You"

    Not long ago, I think it was during a thunderstorm weekend afternoon, I had a mini online spree at the Pazzo summer sale for lack of things to do. One of my acquisitions was this navy striped romper with slit shoulder straps (here). To be honest I wasn't too ecstatic over the shoulder straps because they hang too low for my hobbit stature, but with the right outerwear, they just might work enough for a chic urban fall look.

    不久前,印象中是某個下雷雨的週末下午,因為太閒點進Pazzo官網的夏末特價剁手指了 T_T  戰利品之一是這件深藍條紋連身褲。不過其實並沒有很愛,因為肩帶的洞割得很低,對我的哈比身材來說單穿有點尷尬。不過好在秋天來了,加件適合的外套大概能勉強穿出點大人都市風的樣子  XD

    Although blue and brown are so vastly different in their tones, the beauty of fall is that you can incorporate the two colours in deep enough shades so they would work well together. I have quite a number of brown-based items, and an ever-increasing blue stash, so I thought I would write a Style Guide post on the pairing of my current favourite colours.
    雖然藍色跟棕色,一個冷一個暖,但是秋天的美好之處就是可以把這兩個顏色的深色系搭在一起且不會顯得不突兀。棕色系的單品我超多,藍色系的單品也在持續增加中,所以就想說來寫一篇【棕x藍 秋季穿搭教學】,紀念一下目前喜歡的這兩個色系  ♡

Romper :  from In-house Gallery
Outer :  W Closet
Shoes :  Vincci
Bag :  Coach
  Balance out the warm tones of the camel romper and brown bag with a navy blazer.

Dress :  from Green
Outer :  from Miruru
Bootees :  Romwe
Bag :  via Taobao.com
*  Add a wild side to a somber outfit by donning a leopard coat, my fave fall staple.
  如果整體穿搭的色調過於暗沉,不妨加上一件豹紋外套增添一絲野性  ^.<

Romper :  Pazzo
Outer :  from Potato Chicks
Shoes :  Summit
  The chain bag and brown blazer gives a touch of urban chic to the navy romper.

Top :  Ashley
Skirt :  NET
Shoes :  Vincci
Bag :  Coach
*  Jewelled shoes and a cloche hat complete the look for a ladylike attire.
*  基本的單品加上寶石鞋跟鐘形帽就能瞬間變得淑女起來。

Top :  Pazzo
Skirt :  from In-house Gallery
Shoes :  Summit
Bag :  Coach
*  Try a polka-dot midi skirt if you're going for an all-out retro look.
Top :  Pazzo
Outer :  from Potato Chicks
Jeans :  STS Jeans
Boots :  via Taobao.com
Bag :  The Cambridge Satchel Company
*  Jeans tucked in boots give off a casual chic vibe in the fall.
  秋天時把牛仔褲紮進靴子裡有種休閒時尚的氛圍  ♡
Top :  Romwe
Knit :  Lowrys Farm
Skirt :  Belle & Perle
Shoes :  Summit
Bag :  The Cambridge Satchel Company
*  Add some colours this fall by pairing the reliable browns with a splash of bright blue.
*  這個秋季用一抹亮藍為老梗的大地色系穿搭增加些色彩變化吧! 
 *  *  *
    That's all for this time! As usual, some shoes and accessories shots to end the Style Guide post. Now I'm going to stalk Shopbop et al. to see if there's anything worth snagging in the pre-Black Friday sales. So, good luck to me, and good night to y'all (unless you're also joining in the sales war, LOL) !!!!

    這次就醬啦!照例來一些鞋子跟配件的特寫照作為穿搭教學文的結束。於是我現在準備去研究Shopbop等國外購物網站啦,看看黑色星期五的提前打折有沒有什麼好康入手 : P  先來祝自己好運 XD  然後跟大家說晚安啦(除非你也打算加入特價大戰 XDDD)!!!


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