Sunday, June 28, 2015

Prayers and Tombs

Let this be our prayer, when we lose our way,
Lead us to the place, guide us with your grace.
-- Celine Dion "The Prayer"
    On the second day after I strolled through Dean's Yard, I couldn't get my mind off visiting Westminster Abbey itself, and so £20 later and for about half a morning, I found myself in a medieval sanctuary that is a living pageant of British history. Every step seemed steeped with history as paintings, statues and majestic tombs encircled you, even the pavements were wrought with remarkable mosaic work dating back to the 13th century. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed inside the church itself, so you would have to be there yourself to experience its grandeur and its melancholy. The outfit pictures were taken in the cloisters (the only place indoors where you can take photos, I think), the light streaming in through the stained glass windows was lovely, so it was not a fruitless morning after all.
    走完 Dean's Yard 的第二天,一直在想沒進去西敏寺有點不甘心,所以忍痛掏了20英鎊入場費,花了半個早上瀏覽見證了英國上千年歷史的建築,有種置身中古時代的錯覺。踏出的每一步都彷彿踩在歷史的石階,周圍到處是價值連城的畫作雕像與裝飾華麗的陵寢,就連走道都是在久遠至13世紀鋪成的鑲嵌藝術作品。只是很可惜,教堂內部是不允許拍照的,所以大概只有親臨現場才能感受它的金碧輝煌與千古哀愁。穿搭照是在教堂的方庭(cloister)拍的(大概是西敏寺室內唯一可以拍照的地方),陽光透過彩色玻璃窗灑入迴廊的感覺很好,所以其實還是算不無收穫的早晨吧!

p/S You can see more of the trip on my Instagram (@bonjourjasmineblog) !
Dress :  Chicwish
Shoes :  via Taobao
Hat :  TNC
Bag :  P.S. Besitos
Necklace :  Cor-date


  1. As usual, beautiful outfit and photos! Your blog is one of the most romantic I've seen, from the lovely photos, page layout etc

  2. 白色蕾絲洋裝搭配教堂的莊嚴真的好浪漫 (≧∇≦) 韻每次的照片都像雜誌照啊 Xd

  3. It's so funny to see sights I know well on through someone else's eyes


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