Friday, October 31, 2014

Blood and Roses

I close my eyes and I see
Blood and roses, blood and roses.

-- The Smithereens "Blood and Roses"


    Happy Halloween, mes amis! These days I really haven't the time to do a Halloween outfit shoot, so I've decided to post an old look from my previous blog on (which has closed down last year). Apologies if some of the photos are not so well-focussed, that's a main problem with shooting with a self-timer. Well, it's illegal to toast with a cup of blood, so let's settle on the next best thing instead -- rich red wine!

    萬聖節快樂啊~大家!!因為最近實在是沒有時間拍萬聖節裝扮,於是決定偷懶把之前無名網誌的萬聖節穿搭搬過來 :P (然後抱歉,因為是自拍常常會沒對到焦 orz) 欸~因為喝鮮血是犯法的,我們還是將就以下~喝紅酒就好 XDD

Dress :  NET
Ring :  thrifted
Vernis :  UNT Color


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