Saturday, July 12, 2014


We could pretend, pretend for the weekend.
 Outside, the night's as young as us.

-- Neon Trees "Weekend"


    Are you having a nice summer weekend? The weather is so hot around here these days that I threw caution to the wind and gulped down a huge glassful of iced tea right after this photoshoot. I retrieved these lovely Cor-date earrings from the post office on the day of the photoshoot. The simplicity of its design matches well with literally everything, so I just put 'em on and click away on the camera! Passez de bonnes vacances d'été, mes amis!

    大家夏日週末過得如何呢?最近天氣真是熱到快融化了 orz  這次穿搭拍完我整個就不管三七二十一先灌下一大杯冰飲再說 XDD  話說拍照前我剛好才從郵局領回(又)一堆 Cor-date 戰利品,因為這副天使翅膀耳環簡單的設計根本搭任何穿搭都可以,所以立馬戴上拍照去啦!相當推薦這款當 Cor-date 入門款喔  ^皿^  今天就醬啦~暑期愉快啊大家! >///<

Skirt :  Snidel (via Fashionwalker)
Shoes :  Summit
Bag :  gift from Nîmes magazine
Stars necklace :  Mazzard
Earrings and long necklace :  Cor-date


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  1. the sunflower looks lovelyyy <33

    cheer, michelle


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