Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This Old Hat

This old hat's just like an old friend
Misplaced from time to time but it still fits
-- Ed Bruce "This Old Hat"
    These days I'm all for slouching in oversized coats, listening to washed-up boybands and putting on a hat every photoshoot to hide my frizzled (and dare I say it, unbrushed) hair. I think I haven't seen my comb for over a year, and to be honest, I don't miss it (eww).
    In other news, I am developing a penchant for the kind of just-on-the-tip manicure. I think I might try a new colour combination tonight, with Essie's baffling cement-inspired hue and whatever colour that comes to mind. Good night!
Dress :
Cardigan :
Hat :  here
Bag :  Jeanasis
Bootees :


  1. This is such a lovely outfit! A gorgeous combination of sultry pink hues and sophistication. :D

  2. Slouchy, oversized sweaters are the bestttttt. Hope you've been having a good week! xx

  3. Hi I am Brazilian and I just know I'm loving your blog even not understanding much English (google translator but nothing queo not solve hihi) Kisses and everything nice

  4. This is very cute! I love to wear oversized coats, they are so comfy =)


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