Tuesday, September 22, 2015

La Romanesque

    Being a fan of vivid lip colours (despite refraining from them at work for the sake of my patients), I could not resist the temptation of Chanel's plum offering for their Spring 2015 makeup collection. Though perhaps not that wearable in everyday life, this dark magenta shade is the perfect showstopper for photoshoots and dressy occasions. After coming across Japanese actress Ishihara Satomi's editorial in an old Ray magazine last week (which you can see below), I've decided to do a copycat photoshoot with my sole dark lipstick -- Rouge Allure Velvet in 50 La Romanesque from Chanel's Rêverie Parisienne collection.

    一直都很喜歡色彩濃豔的唇妝(雖然上班為了不嚇到病人都走裸唇路線 XD),所以對於香奈兒 2015 春妝系列的梅子色唇膏我簡直無法抵擋誘惑。雖然這色平時可能不太實擦,但是拍照或是盛裝打扮的時候絕對是個搶眼的存在。上個禮拜在網路上看到一本 Ray 舊雜誌,裡面日本女星石原聰美頂著大桃紅唇的妝容(雜誌圖在下面)超美麗,於是決定用我唯一的暗色唇膏 -- 這支香奈兒 2015 祕密花園系列中的「50 羅馬假期」-- 來個仿妝 ... 應該說是仿拍 XD

(Pics via Ray Dec 2014)
    The key to vivid full lips is to keep the eye makeup simple. As you can see in the editorial shoot above, other than accentuating the corners of the eyes with dark eyeshadow and perking up the eyes with mascara and eyeliner, there's hardly any colour used on the eyelids. The relatively simple eye makeup averts attention to the lips, which is the whole point of this look.

    Being of the Rouge Allure Velvet collection, La Romanesque is a matte dark fuchsia and naturally, not of the glossy finish type. However, I find the finish much improved from the initial Rouge Velvet formulas. While it may not hide lip lines, it definitely is not as dry as the earlier Rouge Velvets that I have tried and even imparts sort of a satin-matte gloss which I love. As my lips are not naturally plump,  to emulate Satomi's look, I applied the lipstick slightly beyond the edges of my upper lips and also at the Cupid's bow with a lip brush. This creates the illusion of plumper lips but can also look messy if not meticulously done. This combination of vivid hue and matte finish requires a great deal of precision and patience during application, though, so this may not be your go-to lipstick if you're in a rush.
    因為是超炫耀絲絨系列的,所以「羅馬假期」是偏霧面質地的暗紫紅色,沒有一般唇膏的水亮感。不過我覺得這支的質地比起以前的絲絨唇膏好像有進步了。雖然不能遮唇紋,但至少不像我之前試過的較早期的絲絨唇膏那麼乾,反而有種半霧面半緞面的微妙亮澤感。由於我原本的唇比較薄,所以仿妝時用了唇刷描繪稍微超出上唇線的唇部輪廓,然後在唇峰間上色使唇峰變得較不明顯。這個方法可以達到豐唇效果,但是也容易失手變成石榴姊look  XD  不過說起來這種霧面質地加上鮮豔色彩,在上妝時不得不小心翼翼,追求精準還要有耐心慢慢畫 orz  所以平時化妝很趕時間的話千萬不要拿起這支唇膏  XDD

    As I do not have Satomi's delicate features, I can only hope to emulate the poses (bawls). At least you can see that this La Romanesque is a really saturated dark magenta, a strong colour but not that scary actually, it takes some courage to carry the colour but is totally worth the effort. Do have a try, you may find the inner Satomi in you  ; )

    抱歉,沒有石原聰美精緻的五官,只能東施效顰仿姿勢(哭跑)。雖然不像石原也請不要告訴我像石榴姊(...) 不過至少看得出來「羅馬假期」這色真的是很飽和的暗紫紅,是很有氣勢但其實並非如此可怕的顏色。大概需要點勇氣擦出去,不過氣場效果完全值得。大家也來嘗試一下這種暗色厚唇look吧,也許會發現你裡面也住著一個石原聰美  ; )



  1. beautiful shade <33

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/

  2. Beautiful dress :)
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    Maria V.

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