Monday, July 21, 2014

I Love Extreme

    It's been awhile since I last wear mascara for things other than photoshoots. Truth is, I find it rather troublesome, in some cases irritating to the eyes and almost universally  difficult to remove (if it's waterproof). Despite sporadically trying out new mascaras, I usually go with just eyeliner and eyeshadows, leaving mascara tubes of all shapes and sizes to gather dust on the dresser.

    其實我有好一陣子不用睫毛膏了,除了拍照的時候偶爾擦一下。因為後來我都覺得擦睫毛膏太麻煩了,重點是有時候擦了效果普普還會薰眼  T_T 然後大部分防水的又難卸的要命。於是變成雖然還是會不死心的入手新的睫毛膏,但最後日常妝都是只有眼線跟眼影,留下各形各色的睫毛膏在梳妝台上積灰塵  XD

    I've been using this Essence "I Love Extreme Crazy Volume" mascara lately, and I'll admit that this is one of the best value mascaras I've tried. It's really inexpensive, and I'm very satisfied with the effect this mascara produced. I came across an Essence counter and was surprised to see a great range of mascaras (well, I usually just looked at their nail products). I searched Makeup Alley for reviews and was totally bewildered to see many users calling this their HG mascara. Given this totally affordable price point (less than US$5), needless to say I got myself one to see what the fuss is all about.

    這是我最近比較常用的睫毛膏,Essence 的 "I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara",我必須說這是我用過 cp 值數一數二高的睫毛膏啊 :) 價錢很便宜,可是對我來說效果真的很好。某天經過 Essence 櫃位的時候發現原來這家出了這麼多款睫毛膏(好啦~其實我平時只看他們家指甲油),馬上上網搜尋 Makeup Alley 的使用心得。一看發現原來這隻在國外被很多使用者稱為他們的 "HG 睫毛膏"(翻譯大概是聖品睫毛膏,意思是幾乎完美並且不可取代的產品)。反正這隻價錢這麼便宜(不到台幣150),就直接入手嘗試了 :P

    Well, the brush looks like this -- it's rather large with fine short bristles along the tip. The brush is one thing I have a gripe about -- while the bristles work well picking up adequate product and separating lashes, the tip of the brush always come loaded with too much mascara which you have to wipe off along the edge of the bottle. And you have to be quite careful when applying at the corners of the eyes and the lower lashes because the large wand can be rather difficult to maneuver in small places, and given the load of product at the tip, there's a big chance you may smudge your face with mascara before you're done.

    嗯~刷子就長這樣 -- 其實蠻大的,上面有細細短短的刷毛。這隻的刷子對我來說是最大的問題點,雖然刷子每次取出的睫毛膏量都適中且可以把睫毛梳得根根分明,可是刷子的刷頭部份每次都會取出一大坨睫毛膏,必須要在瓶口先擦掉才能用。然後因為刷子頗大,用在眼角跟下睫毛的地方會有點不順手,感覺就很容易沾到眼周  >_<

    I think I may have practiced enough to overcome the difficulties of using a large wand, so now I don't really have the problem of messy applications. These are my lashes without mascara, typical Asian lashes that are rather short and straight and soft, and usually they are practically invisible in photos.

    用了幾次以後我想我大概掌握到了用大刷子的竅門,現在用起來不太有睫毛膏沾到眼皮的問題。我本身睫毛超短的,而且細軟又直,平時拍照幾乎可以說是隱形的睫毛  T_T

    The effect of this mascara is quite noticeable, it gives some nice volume and length, and also separates quite well. I don't think there are fibers in there, which I prefer because some brands of fiber-based mascara irritates my eyes and this one doesn't. You can still build up the length with several coats, it generally doesn't begin to clump unless you go to 5-6 coats  ;)  The formula is very black, with a rather creamy texture (not too wet or too dry), basically you can have great volume and definition with just 2-3 coats. You'll still need to use an eyelash curler because this mascara does not provide much curl, but it can hold a curl reasonably well.

    這隻睫毛膏的效果蠻明顯的(絕不雞肋 XDD),濃密跟纖長的效果都不錯,也可以達到根根分明。我覺得這款應該是不含纖維的,老實說我比較喜歡無纖維的睫毛膏,因為一些有纖維的睫毛膏我用起來有點刺痛感,比如 MJ 跟 Fiberwig。雖然沒有纖維,還是可以多刷幾層來達到纖長的效果,大概刷到 5-6 層才會開始有明顯結塊的現象。這個質地感覺有點 creamy,不會太濕或太乾,而且顏色很黑,基本上大概擦 2-3 層就有不錯的濃密效果了。不過這款睫毛膏不太有捲翹效果,所以還是得用睫毛夾。夾後上睫毛膏可以維持捲度好一陣子,不過時間一長還是會慢慢變塌啦!

    The packaging does not say waterproof, but for me it rarely smudges despite the humid weather. I have serious smudging issues with Maybelline waterproof versions, but not with this one (although it does smudge a little when I tear up). Removal is really easy using only facial cleansing wipes. The Kiss Me (Heroine Make) mascara is one of my favourites, especially since it gives amazing length and stays smudge-proof throughout the day, but I wish it weren't such a pain to remove. Well, I consider this Essence one a close second in terms of lash effects (except for the smudging part), but I'm using it much more often because the removal is really a breeze. All in all, considering the friendly price, I think this is a mascara worth trying out, it may even turn out to be your HG!

    雖然包裝上沒寫說防水,但是我在大熱天氣下也很少有暈開的情況(不過流眼淚的話會暈一些,所以如果容易流淚大概需要上個睫毛雨衣之類的)。我平時用媚比琳防水款都會暈,這款防暈方面我覺得算是不錯的了。卸妝的部分很容易,我通常用蜜妮卸妝棉很快就卸乾淨了。其實我覺得最全面的睫毛膏還是 Kiss Me 的,纖長效果跟防暈都超優秀,如果不是那麼難卸就好了 T_T  這款我覺得效果方面可以媲美 Kiss Me(除了防暈這塊  >_<,不過我覺得這隻濃密效果更好),但是使用頻率來說這隻贏了,因為不用卸得很痛苦  XD  簡單來說,這隻真的值得一試,畢竟這麼便宜,搞不好你會邂逅你的 HG 睫毛膏啊! :P

    Oh, and as it is easier for me to focus on the lashes using my phone camera, here're some IG photos (here and here) which I think are  more accurate presentations of the mascara's effect (my lashes look shorter in the eye close-up above due to angle issues).

    然後因為比起用單眼,我覺得用手機比較容易拍出正面的睫毛效果,所以附上幾張 IG 的照片(請點這裡這裡)。這些比較接近真正看到的睫毛長度(這篇的正面細節照有點垂下眼皮,所以睫毛看起來比較短)。



  1. the packaging looks great :D
    your hair looks gorgeous!! <33

    cheer, michelle

    1. I love the bright pink tube too, haha! :)


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