Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tangerine Dream

    I've been hoping to try this look on Korean actress Yoon Eun-hye in her ad for M.A.C. but of course, being late to the craze, the Tangerine Dream lipstick that she was wearing is out of stock. I recently got a similar yellow-orange lip colour, albeit a slightly more vibrant one. Needless to say, I went into action with my tools on hand and tried the look. To be honest, it's a rather simple one with focus on the lips and minimal makeup on the eyes. Yet, as I lack her flawless skin and delicate features, I can only strive to make this look suit me and hope it does not make me look sickly and dull-looking. 

    我一直很想仿這個妝 -- 尹恩惠在 M.A.C. 廣告中的橘色唇膏妝。可惜看到圖片的時候,熱潮早就過了,Tangerine Dream 的唇膏色號也賣光了 OTZ  不過最近入手了有點類似的帶有黃色調的橘色唇膏,雖然大概比起 Tangerine Dream 顏色稍微濃烈一些。想當然耳,我馬上搬出道具來嘗試仿妝。說真的,妝本身並不難,主角是唇色,所以眼妝什麼都從簡!只不過我沒有尹恩惠無暇的肌膚跟細緻的五官,沒辦法畫得很像,只好努力讓這個妝達到看起來有精神的效果,大概只要看起來不病懨懨就勉強算是成功了 T___T

Here're the products I use :


    As I was going for dewy skin, I mixed the ZA foundation with some Holika Holika CC cream and covered up dark circles with the Holika Holika stick concealer. After setting the foundation with a very light pat of loose powder, I applied ZA highlighter on my browbones and the 'C' area outside the eyes. Unfortunately, as I was busy experimenting with the lipstick, I forgot to apply highlighter on my nose and chin, it would have given the look a little more glow.

    因為目標是像海報裡那樣的亮澤肌,底妝我混合了 ZA 的粉底跟一些 Holika Holika 的 CC霜。之後黑眼圈的部分再用 Holika Holika 的遮瑕膏補強(這條滋潤好用 >///<)。用蜜粉稍微輕拍定妝後,將 ZA 的打亮刷在眉骨跟眼外的 'C' 字部位。很不幸的,因為原本只是想試畫而已,忙著想上唇膏就忘了給鼻樑跟下巴打亮了(哭)。

    For the eyes, I used a brown pencil for the brows and lighten the colour with Kate Eyebrow Color. Then I line the upper eyelid using In2it eyeliner gel pencil in Extreme Black. As my crease tend to disappear when I do not use eyeshadow, I sort of drew a line along the crease with my brow pencil and dab it out to achieve a more accentuated crease.

    眼妝的部分,我用棕色眉筆畫了粗眉後,再用 Kate 的染眉膏讓眉色淺一些(我畫粗眉很容易畫太深 orz)。接著用 In2it 的極黑眼線膠筆畫明顯的粗眼線。然後因為我的雙眼皮摺在不畫眼影的時候很容易變超不明顯,所以我都會用淺棕色眉筆沿著摺痕處畫一道,然後稍微暈開,製造陰影感來強調雙眼皮。

    As for the lips, I do not have any special techniques. I use In2it Moisture Intense Lipstick in Tangerine. I just apply it from the tube, my lips are hopelessly chapped and lined and this lipstick does not really help in that regard. The colour payoff is good though, so I count myself satisfied.

    至於唇妝,我是完全沒技巧可言啦!XD 我用的是貌似泰國品牌的 In2it 唇膏(不過我是在馬來西亞買到的),色號是 Tangerine。我都直接擦上,我的唇是萬年乾裂又多唇紋,這支唇膏在這點上大概沒什麼幫助 ^^"  不過顏色倒是滿顯色又遮唇色,所以我想我還算滿意啦!

    That's all, folks! It's not really a look-alike, but this is a look I would definitely wear in everyday life. If you have any questions, you can always leave a comment or find me on Instagram ( IG : bonjourjasmineblog ), I'm so addicted to it right now I did this look while referencing Eun-hye's picture on my IG, haha!

    就醬啦!雖然不是很像,但這個妝我想日常生活中也可以畫,算實用款吧  XD!然後有問題都可以留言問我噢,或是來 Instagram 找我(帳號 bonjourjasmineblog),我現在根本 IG 上癮啦~就連畫這個妝的時候也是拿著手機看尹恩惠的 IG 照片參考著畫的,哈哈!



  1. Beautiful! I like Korean drama too

    1. Thank you, Candy! :)
      I don't really watch Korean drama though, just like observing their makeup LOL

  2. so prettyyyyy~ :D

    cheer, michelle

    1. Oooh, thanks Michelle! You are always so encouraging (hugs) :D

  3. Beautiful pictures - I adore anything where books and fashion are combined.


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